About company

MultiSystem Integration is an engineering company that designs and manufactures industrial sensors and related equipment.


The main asset of any company is the people. We are pleased to announce that we have gathered under one roof highly qualified like-minded people with extensive experience in the development and production of sensors.

A complex technical product is not just the device itself, but also comprehensive technical support. That's why we strive to be highly helpful to our customers at every stage of interaction.


Development of modern industrial sensors and instruments


Assistance in selection and technical support at all stages


Warranty commitments, after-sales service, and repairs

Our mission

"Combining technologies for your benefit" means that we develop and manufacture cutting-edge equipment that brings value and advantages.






Years in the market

How we work

We produce high-quality instruments, provide a high level of service, and ensure customer satisfaction.

1. Consultation

Getting in touch with a specialist

2. Request

Leaving a request on the website or by phone

3. Agreement

Discussing the terms with a manager

4. Delivery

Receiving the product and documentation

5. Support

Receiving technical support

6. Servicing

We provide warranty commitments

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